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The aim of this wiki is to import the UN FAO's[1] 'ProdStat' database [2] [3] into a Semantic MediaWiki (SMW). By doing so, we aim to achieve two key objectives:

  1. Gain hands on experience with data modelling in the SMW system.
  2. Produce a community platform for discussing global food production.


Countries Data points
United Kingdom 195
Colombia 186
Cuba 186
Iceland 186
Bangladesh 186
Eritrea 186
Ireland 186
Egypt 186
Fiji 186
Bolivia 186
… further results
Items Data points
Potatoes 2,924
Bananas 109
Barley 90
Apples 84
Apricots 63
Avocados 55
Asparagus 30
Artichokes 22
Arecanuts 6
Lentils 3
… further results


Issues related to the first objective

  • How best to model the relatively simple data structure of the ProdStat database in SMW?
    • Page tuples vs. multi-valued properties?
      • Multi-valued properties were never fully supported. Page tuples are the way to go, especially with the new SIO extension.
    • Categories, are they necessary?
      • Answer: Not strictly, but they provide a lot of convenience. I would certainly never consider not using categories in future. Also, the RDF 'class' concept that categories are used to capture is a useful one. See Semantic concepts.

Issues related to the second objective

  • Navigating the data.
  • Querying the data.
  • Producing reports based on queries.


Data Import

Data Navigation and Query


Could be a bad idea, but I'd like to host a 'build a report' competition to get people interested.